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Skin Essentials approach to skin care comes from the philosophies of European, Chinese and Holistic ways.  All of our treatments begin with a confidential questionnaire. This enables us to better treat the needs of your skin.  A complete skin analysis is given at your first visit with us. This will allow us to choose the right facial treatment for you although all of the treatments include  exfoliation of the skin, extraction work and European or Eastern massage. We always provide consultation on how you can achieve your skins best potential!  


We use the highest quality organic essential oils, Neova, Oxygentix Foundation and Epicuren skin care products professionally and proudly recommend them to our clients.

About Us

Epicuren offers pure innovative skin care using the most luxurious natural ingredients available. Most skincare companies nowadays don't keep the integrity of the skin in mind as Epicuren does.  

Neova is a skincare line that has targeted the number one cause of premature aging, photo damage. Neova won a Nobel Prize for having the most powerful delivery systems available in quality skin care ingredients today.

Oxygentix Foundation is a oxygen enriched SPF 25 highly protective nurturing foundation. In the foundation is their exclusive patented Ceravitae  Complex which is a breathable healing gel matrix that supports new skin cell production and aids in the healing process following aesthetic procedures or other skin problems.


Breana, San Anselmo

I went in to Skin Essentials in hopes of getting my skin back on track after a year of its unruly behavior. I filled out a brief survey so Sue could determine the perfect treatment for me. I received my treatment  and Sue recommended I begin an Epicuren regimen, as my current over the  counter routine wasn't cutting it. Sue was incredibly knowledgeable and  professional - I felt it was a truly cooperative experience and I was  comfortable and relaxed throughout. If you're having any skin issues or  you just need to show your skin some love, you've got to go see Sue! I'm  already on the books for the next treatment.

Patty, Mill Valley

My experience at Skin Essentials has been truly  positive. Sue is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her  facials are fantastic! She knows exactly what products to recommend for  individual skin types. Regular facials improved my skin remarkably,  thanks to Sue. I would recommend Sue to everyone.                          

Renee, San Rafael

Sue has been a lifesaver in helping my teenage son Christopher navigate through some tough skin issues that face many young  boys. After trying many routes, including prescribed medication from a  Dermatologist, we finally found a doable sustainable solution with Sue,  one that my son could not only stick with but be committed to. I've  appreciated the rapport Sue has established with my son and feel he is  in the best possible hands. We highly recommend Sue!     

Wendy G, San Anselmo

Sue is a true professional and offers a unique service as a "skin  therapist."  She is not just doing wonderful soothing facials or  recommending really fine product, but is genuinely interested in taking  care of each persons skin and educating her clients. At this stage of  the aging process, I want take the best care of my skin as possible.  I  have a "partner" now in this journey and feel like I am in excellent  hands. Thank you, Sue.

Sand S, San Anselmo

Sue Silva is a true alchemist!  She combines over 30 years of skin care expertise with a depth of passion for people and their skin that leaves you feeling profoundly cared for and loved! She literally educates you on your skin from the inside - out! A rare skin care professional to find indeed!!!!  Can't recommend her enough! She works with teenagers through to our  more mature ladies - everyone can benefit from Sue's experience, in depth knowledge, love and care!

Jen D, San Rafael

I have been dealing with acne since I was a  teenager. I am in my mid 30's. I met Sue a couple of years ago and she  has implemented an ongoing skin care regimen to deal with my skin. Sue took my lifestlye into consideration with what I eat and how my skin is  agitated by these different factors. My skin looks fabulous now! A  combination of the products Sue has recommended, the skin treatments  every 5 to 6 weeks and the care that Sue administers have all  contributed to making a huge difference with the quality of my skin. My  skin is balanced and clear!      

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Skin Essentials

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